ASDO - Assembly of women for development and the struggle against social exclusion, is a research organisation specialised in the study of contemporary knowledge-based societies from a gender perspective.

By introducing gender in the study of dynamics characterising the labour market, political and social life, scientific research, technological innovation and other spheres, ASDO has tried to bridge the gap in the interpretation of transformations under-way in contemporary societies world-wide and to promote greater awareness of female potential and of the obstacles to its full realisation, with the relative risk of the waste of human resources that are valuable for the country’s development. ASDO has worked on the renovation of the epistemological, theoretical and methodological apparatus of the social sciences.
The knowledge base produced through research has also enabled ASDO to carry out training initiatives geared to promoting a greater participation of women in economic, political and social life, also as regards leadership positions. ASDO is member of AOIFE; of the European Platform of Women Scientists and of Arab Network in gender, promoted by CAWTAR. ASDO has been recommended by UN Secretariat for the special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

ASDO pursued the following research lines: Women's social action (study of women's social action and collective action for the transformation of contemporary societies); Gender, welfare and social exclusion (research on risks of social exclusion of women that face greater exposure to social risk factors and to the absence of "regimes" that can bring these risks under control; action-research study on work family conciliation and family policies); Women's training needs when returning to the job market (training needs, skills, experience and expertise of women); Women and politics (obstacles to women's full participation in political life – see the on-going European project "Women and Politics"; Women and leadership in the working world (women's careers, women leadership); Women and science (analysis of the scale of women's vertical and horizontal segregation in scientific research institutions and to investigate their underlying segregating factors); Epistemology, theory and methodology of the social sciences.

ASDO – Assemblea delle Donne per lo Sviluppo e la Lotta all'Esclusione Sociale
Via Pasubio 2 – 00195 Rome – Italy
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