The DPO is the coordinator of the Project STAGES , it coordinates the various activities provided by the project so that they are carried out effectively and successfully. Particularly, management should assure that the administration requirements are met, that the activities are monitored and assessed in order to guarantee high scientific quality level and that the STAGES team members are assisted during the implementation of their individual tasks.

 The DPO is also responsible for the communication activities with the aim to communicate the results obtained through the project, collect suggestions from the scientific community and from other relevant stakeholders, to facilitate activities and knowledge brokerage through networking.

During the past years the DPO has carried out several actions in order to improve the role of women in the scientific field and the fight against the discrimination that women suffer in this strategic sector such as the coordination of two projects financed by the Italian Government an by the European Commission within the 7° Framework programme for research:

The project PRA.G.E.S. – “PRActising Gender Equality in Science”- It was an action of coordination aimed at comparing the various strategies implemented for promoting the presence of women in decision-making positions relating to scientific research in public institutions ended in 2009.

All the outcomes of the project have been collected in the Guidelines for Gender Equality Programmes in Science.

The project WHIST “Women Careers Hitting the Target” was started with the aim to better understand the problem of the under-representation of women in Science, trough the implementation of experimental activities concerning gender diversity management policies in the organisations involved in the project.

All the outcomes of the project have been collected in the Guidelines on Gender Diversity in S&T Organisations.

Following these two projects, the Minister for Equal Opportunities signed in September 2010 a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry for Education, University and Scientific Research aimed at promoting equal opportunities in science, creating for the first time in Italy, a national strategy aimed at increasing the participation of women and girls in science and technology education, training, research and employment.

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